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tags: Steve x gn!reader, pining!Steve who is bad at asking you out, humor, pure fluff, Dustin and Erica coming in clutch as wingman/wingwoman, short and sweet, happy ending duh, oneshot ☆ word count: 2.7K+☆ Steve already regrets his decision to host an impromptu movie night at his place in an effort to impress you because of two reasons.

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Anonymous asked: would you write Eddie x reader where he's like, dropping everyone off at night and reader is last, when the kids are gone she takes her bra off because it was definitely hurting her aaaaand Eddie notices that she's got pierced nipples?. summary: eddie asks you to braid his hair. pairing: eddie munson x plus size reader. warnings: fluff. prompt: none. request: n/a. Eddie had asked you to braid his hair because he has a show tomorrow and he wanted his hair to be extra “fluffy” as he liked to call it. You obviously agreed. Braiding Ed’s hair was your favorite pastime.

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Living with Eddie Headcanons• He hates when people visit • He doesn’t like to do the chores but wont let you do them either because he wants to cuddle or something else Y/N: Eddie, let me down I need... Alicia Munson — Living with Eddie Headcanons. 1.5M ratings.

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steveharringtonxreader. +7 more. # 2. billy hargrove imagines by vape. 30.1K 483 11. hawkins, indiana. the sky is covered in a smattering of clouds. smoke curls away from his cigarette. he turns his head slightly, just enough to look at you. and he smile... strangerthingsxreader. strangerthingsimagines.

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Sep 07, 2019 · #steve harrington headcanon #steve harrington x reader #steve harrington imagine #steve harrington #joe keery #stranger things #stranger things 3 #stranger things 2 More you might like Okay, this rewatch is completely the fault of @whats-rambled-rambled and @eravanaaaah because of the amazing series' they both currently have on the go. . Suddenly the man was lifted up by some.

once you've come down from the panic attack, he's looking you over with furrowed brows (and a relieved sigh) to make sure there's nothing else the matter. he'll keep his voice low and soft, "that's it. you're okay, baby. it's over. i'm here. you're here.". ˚ ༘ ⋆。˚ ⁀ EDDIE MUNSON eddie munson x reader eddie.

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More Than A Feeling, 18. pairing: eddie munson X fem! reader . fic summary: life only gets harder for y/n wheeler when she develops a friendship with the town freak, eddie munson . as one of the most popular girls at school she should absolutely not be associating with the likes of eddie but she couldn’t help but feel more herself when he’s around. what will happen when she.

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bi!fem!reader x steve harrington . Robin was talking to Eddie about that girl she liked, Eddie listening to her talking as his life depended on it. He was so into her story. Or she's a little tipsy or she really trusts Eddie, you shared your thoughts with Steve, mumbling into his ear. He nodded agreeing with you, not even with him she opened. Steve Harrington dumps you because he doesn't want you getting involved with the Vecna problem, but you stumble into it anyway trying to make amends with your old best friend Eddie Munson. Eddie Munson has spent years watching you get dumped by asshole after asshole, knowing you'll never love him back..

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This could be the end of everything / part two Originally posted by mona07. Warnings: angst, fluff Pairing: Eddie Munson x female reader / slight Steve Harrington x reader part one -For a moment you forgot how cold you felt, how your clothes were still slightly wet from jumping into the water earlier, clinging uncomfortably to your body. Sort by: Hot. # 1. Turn My Frown Upside Down (Eddie X... by itaintme2006. 249K 4.5K 22. Eddie Munson X Reader ⚠️Smut Warning⚠️ (Based on season 4) #1 in S4 #2 in Eddie Munson x Reader #2 in Eddie x Reader #3 in Eddie. eddiexreader. s4. eddiemunsonxreader. +5 more. Eddie Munson x F!Reader. one two three four five six seven. Rating: SFW (no lemon) Includes: Friends to Lovers, Alternate Universe where Eddie & reader are around 24 (it’s still 1986 though) and Eddie isn’t from Hawkins, Fake/pretend relationship, best friends, the proposal AU (loosely based!), steve harrington, jealousy. Word Count: 986.

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The Pizza Girl: Eddie Munson x Reader (One-Shot) Summary: Surfer Boy Pizza’s expansion into Hawkins brings delicious delivered pizzas to Eddie Munon’s front door. It apparently also brings a very attractive delivery driver that might also happen to be Eddie’s past crush. Masterlist. Word Count: 5.5k.